Music New This Week Student Classics Technic Theory

New This Month

1) Early Intermediate Solo – “Sidewalk Carnival”

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2) Student Classics – “La Charolaise” – Schubert

3) A Baker’s Dozen – Level 1B

4) Primary Triads Theory Worksheet


New for July

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!

Here at we decided to use the weekend of the 4th to do some serious vacationing and partying, which has put us behind with the new items by one week.  Watch for them next week on July 14th instead … (a new “Baker’s Dozen” technical exercises is on the line-up, along with some other great supplements for your students).

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Music New This Week Student Classics Technic Theory

New This Month

1) Late Intermediate Solo – “Something Like a Star”


Piano Solo
Level: Late Intermediate

This piece begins in 9/8 time, with lots of arpeggios intertwining around a melodic line. It later “slows” to a 3/4 meter, becoming more lyrical before returning to 9/8 to end. It’s a great etude for students on this level who want to use their arpeggio skills in a creative setting.

2) Student Classics – “Valse Sentimentale” – Schubert


3) Around the Circle of Keys – Circle of Fifths


4) Primer Keyboard Matching Worksheet


Music New This Week Recitals Student Classics Teaching Theory

New This Month

1) Student Classics – “Allegretto in D” – Gurlitt

2) Certificates of Achievement

Certificate of Participation

Certificate of Congratulations

Certificate of Achievement

3) Two Composer Quotes Puzzles

Copland Quotes Puzzle

Debussy Quotes Puzzle